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The IDEA Consortium began in 1996 as a series of informal conversations at Normandale Community College in Bloomington MN about Instructional Design and the uses, abuses,challenges and problems of testing in a technology enabled educational environment. Principals of the IDEA Consortium included Bruce Lindgren, John O'Brien, Tina Stavredes and Mary Jacobson. Each has gone on to new ventures.

Bruce left his faculty position and moved to Northwest Wisconsin. There he kept the IDEA Consortium name alive and has continued to enlarge and expand on seminal concepts; particularly the notions of Access to Educational Opportunity through technology and New World Learning. A Web presence for the IDEA Consortium (ideaconsortium.com) was established in 1998 as an adjunct to Bruce's business -- B.Lindgren CONSULTING. It served as a tool or mechanism for organizing and networking the experiences of others who might contribute to school/educational reform through applications of digital technology. In 2003 he registered the IDEA Consortium as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the State of Wisconsin and registered ideaconsortium.org and ideaconsortium.net to support new concepts for leveraging and advancing the foundations. Of particular importance was the growth of open-source software and the philosophical underpinnings of the open-source community. The LINUX operating system is the most visible open-source software and has stimulated and enabled a huge host of applications. Many of these applications have enormous potential for education.

NOTE: The following copy was drafted in 2006-2007. Although some of the elements are potentially viable, it is expected that the future (if any) for the IDEA Consortium will be to establish an entirely different enterprise. The LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) was administratively closed by the State of Wisconsin in about 2010. Although it could be reactivated, there is no intention to do so.

Bruce Lindgren

Open-source applications in education are just beginning to emerge as a viable tool. IC LLC will promote and contribute to the intensity and direction of this trend through three Web-enabled initiatives.

  • IDEA Consortium (former LLC) (ideaconsortium.com)
  • IDEA Consortium Organization (ideaconsortium.org -- UNDER DEVELOPMENT)
  • IDEA Consortium Network (ideaconsortium.net -- UNDER DEVELOPMENT)

The IDEA Consortium LLC was intended to be the commercial enterprise that will sustain the other two initiatives. Revenue sources were expected from:

  • instructional design consulting
  • evaluation and assessment of educational methods, classes, programs and plans
  • SCORM-compliant content development
  • publishing and sales of published works
  • workshops, seminars, lectures
  • media production including but not limited to Web-enabled media
  • consulting-support services
  • consultant subscriptions

The IDEA Consortium Organization embraces and supports a cadre of consultants possessing skills essential for educational reform. The organization will be built on the original gathering of Bruce, John, Tina and Mary to provoke ongoing discussion of education in a Digital Age. This discussion will be Web-enabled using contemporary tools to organize and expand an emerging knowledge-base. At the hub of this knowledge-base is the notion of Education Ecology.

The IDEA Consortium Network energizes, coordinates and manages the creative projects of open-source development for education. The most critical contribution of the network is building a cellular organization able to build instructional programs from relevant applications providing solutions to significant educational problems, challenges, weaknesses and opportunities.

Revenue Sources for IC-LLC

Instructional Design Consulting -- Guiding instructional design development and project management will be a major service of IC-LLC. The service delivery will be through the subcontracting or brokering of the expertise of our cadre of subscribed consultants. By organizing access to this resource, IC-LLC will maintain a position of support that will be compensated. Compensation rates will be negotiated with each subscribed consultant with the level determined by several factors including previous consulting experience, support (marketing, management) required from IC-LLC, logistics, project management and delivery options (open, proprietary)..

Evaluation & Assessment -- IC-LLC consultants experienced in testing, evaluation development and statistical analysis will conduct studies and prepare reports for clients including schools, corporations and not-profit organizations.

Content Development -- SCORM is an acronym for Searchable Content Object Reference Model - Compliant content development enables the assembly of instructional modules from a potentially ubiquitous array of sources. These sources, known as repositories, enable content development that may be either proprietary or open. Revenue for IC-LLC from content development may take three (or more) forms: 1./ fee for service contracts, 2./ royalties on proprietary content developed by consultants contracted to IC-LLC, and 3./ grants for content development..

Publishing -- Both Web and Paper/Print publishing of work created by our subscribed consultants will be managed by IC-LLC staff. Distribution will be brokered through supporting relationships in the publishing industry.

Workshops, Seminars, Lectures -- Event planning focused on education will be handled on a fee-for-service basis.

Media Production -- Video, DVD, Interactive CD, and Web media as well as coordinated print media will be produced through a consortium of writers, directors, editors, and production specialists brought together on a project by project basis. IC-LLC revenue will be primarily from management fees although other revenue streams from support services will frequently kick in.

Consulting-support Services -- Consultants are able to be more productive if certain essential overhead is provided. Grant development, Grant writing, Grant Administration, Accounting, travel, accommodations, tax services, equipment rental, information technology, will be available to subscribed consultants on a fee(reduced) for service basis.

Consultant Subscriptions -- Consultants attached to IC-LLC will pay an annual fee.

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