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The Physical Domain

The physical domain includes buildings, people, books, and essentially any other physical element of the individual's existence. Because it is mostly impossible to ascertain the extent to which an element of the physical domain may influence an individual's perceptions, thoughts and actions, Educational Ecology must withhold judgment about whether and how such a physical element may or may not contribute to an individuals development. Yet evidence for the influence of elements of the physical domain on the life cycle of an individual is clearly unmistakable. It is the physical domanin that determines how the individual lives. Everything about life is dependent on its physical surroundings. In ecology we recognize that an ecosystem includes the air, water, and soil; plants, animals, and microbes; the temperature and temperature fluctuations; the daily cycle of sunlight and darkness. Every organism, and no less human organisms, live in a physicochemical environment.

revised 23 January 2020

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